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      The International Union of Operating Engineers also represents the Technical Engineers. Technical Engineers are responsible for laying out the job and making things fit. Some of there duties include the work of establishing or re-establishing base lines, center and offset lines; establishing bench marks and the transferring of grades and elevations; the setting of offset, top and toe of slopes, and the establishing of right-of-way, control points and lines; the cross sectioning of areas and all the necessary work of clearing obstructions on survey; the driving of all stakes, pin hubs and spikes, layout of transverse concrete paving joints, including the snapping of all lines in connection with the above work.       Highly technical equipment and instrurments are used by the Technical Engineer. This equipment includes Optical and Electronic line, Distance and Grade devices to name a few.


      CHIEF OF SURVEY - One who directs the activities of several survey crews, organizes the field work and may act as a working Party Chief.
      PARTY CHIEF - One who directs a survey party and works independently with minimal supervision. A Party Chief has a good understanding of all phases of the survey and can perform a broad variety of survey calculations related to vertical and horizontal location. In addition, a Party Chief can make judgments as to the quality and acceptable field accuracy and can supervise other employees in the performance of the work.
      INSTRUMENT/RODPERSON - One who operates the surveying instruments for measurements. This person understands the proper care and handling and adjustments of surveying instruments, is knowledgeable of a variety of survey techniques and assists the Party Chief by checking calculations and recording notes. An Instrument/Rodperson is also one who uses tapes , rods and hand tools for measurement and assists the survey crew and has a good understanding of all survey tasks.
      APPRENTICE - One who is registered in the formal apprentice training program while assisting the survey party in its duties.

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